Natural Rutile Ore

Natural Rutile Ore : Rasi Electrodes is one of the most efficient supplier of Natural Rutile Sand in India. The company is a Stockist and has a variety of Rutile grades to offer. The Rutile ore is from various locations around the Globe from the finest mines in the world. Grades available :- Rutile Grade TiO2 % (min) Rutile Grade – I 95% Rutile Grade- II 93% Rutile Grade – III 92% Rutile Grade – IV 90% Rutile Grade – V 88% Rutile Grade – VI 85% Leucoxene Grade 77% The Prices varies from the percentage of TiO2 content in the Rutile sand. The Company also offers Packing in 2 Tons bag, 1 Ton Bag and 50 kgs bags.

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